About Us

Vivan Group has been rendering services as one of the pioneering and famous brands of the state livestock and poultry industry for the purpose of “improving society health and providing healthy food for humans” as of year 2006 and succeeded to take effective steps for antiseptic and pesticidal measures in respect to animal feed by producing feed additives and supplements and has great role in producing healthy meat and milk.        

The word “Vivan” means healthy and we named it Vivan because we wanted to follow perpetual policy of the company which is being pioneer and producing the first and best products in Iran (WE One).   



Research project and doctoral dissertation on livestock industry


Livestock and poultry factories using Vivan products


Poultry and Livestock using Vivan products


Vivan Group's year of activity and contribution to community health and healthy eating

Vivan Group has tried to provide interests of its beneficiaries, including customers, employees and society. Being selected as the best entrepreneurs of year 2016 by the Ministry of Cooperatives, Labour, and Social Welfare, can prove the said fact.

This company produces and designs products for achieving 2 goals; improving livestock products health and increasing profitability and efficiency of livestock and poultry units and has had great and close relations with universities, laboratories and scientific-research centers as pioneering company in producing mineral and organic toxin binders and different types of animal feed specialty pellets binders and has conducted more than 35 research programs, master’s degree and Ph.D. theses in the field of products function and properties for the purpose of producing healthy feed and increasing and improving efficiency of production units.
Products of this company has had a great effect on removal of polar and nonpolar mycotoxin, including aflatoxin, Zearalenone and Ochratoxin etc. from animal feed and shall prevent transfer of the said toxins to milk and meat and brings health for everybody.
Vivan Knowledge-Based Group considers satisfaction of the customers and renders services on this basis and in addition to scientific research, this company has a scientific approach for its business processes and tries to produce and design its products based on the target customers’ needs assessment and market research, and employs strategies and tactics of marketing science for producing and distributing its products.

Vivan products are usually in the fields of buffers and buffers supplement, multi - component and single - component toxin binders, and organic and mineral pellets binders, and in addition to being used in more than 470 livestock and poultry feed factories of the country and more than 600 large and reputable chicken farms and animal husbandries, are exporting to European countries and middle east.
Our outlook is to be market leader, 1st choice of the customers in the state animal feed supplements and additives industry, and a professional business pattern in this industry.
In our view point, responsibility of a company is beyond producing products and rendering services to customers, we believe that responsibility means using all facilities for helping every single person in the society who does not have that facility, thus we try to be a reputable and responsible company regarding the social responsibilities by donating some percentages of the company’s income to charitable affairs, participating in social problems resolution, and creating a better world for humans.
Expert employees of Vivan Knowledge- Based Group are ready to render guaranteed products, consult, support, and answer all questions of veterinarians, chicken farmers and pastoralists in the field of producing safe and free-aflatoxin and free- mycotoxin feed.