Introducing Vivan

Vivan was established in 2006 with regards to the importance of health and protection of livestock and poultry and their imperative role in our food chain. Today we are proud to announce that Vivan is one of the top brands in the Iranian livestock and poultry feed additives industry. Our mission is to promote the public health by producing safe and knowledge-based feed additives and supplements for the livestock and poultry industry. We strive to create values that would benefit all, including employees, customers, suppliers, society, and people. Vivan factory is located in the South-Khorasan province of Iran and has been one of the high-lights of production in the province.

Our customers

Our customers are mainly feed factories, poultry and livestock farms and related industries. We attempt to create the best economic corporation experience for our customers and stakeholders by providing distinctive and valuable products and services, desiring to be recognized and associated with market leadership, reliable brands, and sustainable growth. Accordingly, to respect our customers’ key role and position, in the first stage, we aim to offer you distinct values, such as reassurance, animal and poultry health, and profitability of your business, rather than merely focusing on selling products.

Human resources

We believe that Vivan’s identity has been founded on its employees, without whom Vivan would be meaningless. Therefore, we attempt to create a high-quality and meaningful working life for them. Vivan has a motivating atmosphere and an uplifting organizational culture deeply ingrained in our beliefs. We all believe in Vivan that we have a critical role and responsibility toward providing public health, and in doing so, we are proud of our endeavors and work. We try to make the best impact on our final products and services. Our main principles in all our activities are quality, respecting stakeholders, honesty and integrity.

Research and Development

Vivan has a strong base of knowledge. We regard knowledge and information as a competitive advantage. We have conducted multiple research projects using up-to-date knowledge and extensive cooperation with the elites and researchers in the industry.


Our products range include additives, such as toxin binders, pellet binders, and buffers for feed and we continuously attempt to diversify our products to satisfy all the needs of our customers.

Social responsibility

Vivan has always been with people wherever necessary for charity and to fulfill its social responsibilities. Vivan believes that responsibility equals using all your resources at our disposal to assist individuals deprived of our resources and services. Accordingly, we always try to dedicate part of our income to charity and solve social problems, making several small steps to make our world a better place for everyone.

Awards and achievements:

  • National R&D reward 2019
  • Entrepreneur of the year 2016
  • Top research team award for Magnotox production 2019