Vivan Buffer

Feed buffer for Ruminants

Vivan Buffer is a feed buffer for Ruminants  consisting of alkalizing magnesium minerals, sodium bicarbonate, and acid-neutralizing compounds. Using Vivan Buffer in ruminants feed leads to the stability ofthe ruminal pH in the appropriate range. Compared to sodium bicarbonate,this product improves the digestion of fiber and starch. Moreover, it prevents acidosis and milk fat loss, especially in hot seasons.


  • tik Sodium bicarbonate
  • tik Magnesium oxide
  • tik Potassium chloride
  • tik Magnesium carbonate and others

Mechanism of action

Continuous absorption of hydrogen ion (acidic agent) throughout the gastrointestinal tract using the real buffers and alkalizing compounds


Features and benefits of the product

  • tik Reducing the costs related to the feed buffering
  • tik Preventing milk fat loss,diarrhea,bloating,and lameness in livestock due to acidosis
  • tik Improving the particles size of fiber and increasing the feed efficiency
  • tik Micronized granulation with high reactivity
  • tik supplying the minerals,as well as calcium and magnesium cations
  • tik Preventing subacute acidosis in livestock
  • tik Maintaining the feed palatability
  • tik Longer ruminal effects
  • tik Buffering properties in the rumen
  • tik Buffering properties in the intestine

Why Vivian Buffer?

Recommendations and dosage

Dairy cows: 10 to 20 kg per ton of concentrate

Beef: 7 to 15 kg per ton of concentrate

sheep and goat: 5 to 10 kg per ton of concentrate


Please to determine the optimal consumption of the product with the scientific support unit contact Vivan company.

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